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Depending on the times, the socks played different roles. It was different with them, sometimes the trouser legs were rolled up to show them to the world, other times they served only for protective purposes. The current design and material variations make you dizzy.

In the equestrian world, socks are the icing on the cake. They are an important element of the outfit not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for the protective functions and comfort they provide while driving. The multitude of patterns that appear refer more or less to the classics of the genre.

The equestrian brand wants something more, it wants to introduce a breath of something new, both in terms of use and visuals.
Starting from the icing on the cake, we announce the creation of a new full equestrian and sports collection by KONNY.
As part of the KONNY Socks line, we offer the following product variants:




in variants

SS (Summer/Spring) and AW (Autumn/Winter)

KONNY horse riding socks


We focus on durability, which has become an important feature of the product.

Our socks are made of modern textile materials specially selected at the design stage with advanced protective and anti-wear properties (80% cotton, 16% polypropylene, 3% elastane, 1% lurex). Thanks to the innovative properties of the materials used for the production of KONNY socks, high performance, hygienic, durability and ergonomic parameters are ensured, as well as high comfort and safety for the user.

The polypropylene yarn used to make the socks helps:
As a result, the socks are durable, flexible, resistant to abrasion and sticking dirt.

And all this in a exclusive tube that adds elegance and blister to our products.

Soon the offer will also include NEWS – Different composition of socks depending on the season!

Merino wool

In winter and autumn, we focus on Merino wool

This wool is known as a natural and durable fiber that guarantees softness and warmth. In the clothing industry, it is considered a premium product because it has a positive effect on the functioning of our body.
How is this possible?
Merinos are a species of mountain sheep that live mainly in areas with extremely difficult climatic conditions – in winter the temperature drops to -20 ° C, and in summer it reaches even 40 ° C. Due to the conditions in which marinat sheep live, the wool obtained from them has unique features. After obtaining wool from an animal, it retains its thermoactive properties – it helps to retain heat in cold weather and cool down in hot weather. This type of wool wicks moisture not only through the gaps between the fibers, but also penetrates into the pores of the fibers, thanks to which it allows our skin to breathe even with a dense weave. These features make clothes made with its use very comfortable to use.

Bamboo fibers

In the summer and spring seasons, we focus on bamboo fibers

Bamboo cellulose fibers are obtained from the pulp of bamboo shoots and used to produce lightweight, breathable fabrics. Bamboo fiber is softer than silk fiber and has a luxurious, shiny coating.
These fibers have a very good water absorption coefficient, thanks to which they absorb and evaporate sweat very quickly. This allows the person using bamboo clothes to maintain comfort and dry skin for a long time.
Fabrics made of bamboo fibers allow the skin to breathe in hot weather and also to keep warm in colder periods.
Bamboo fiber is antibacterial, antifungal and extremely environmentally friendly. The fabrics are strong, flexible and easy to dye.

Polyester fibers

Of course, our new socks also include the technologically advanced Coolmax polyester fibers, which are often used in the production of thermo-active underwear. Its four-channel structure – patented by Du Pont – provides excellent properties such as: sweat wicking and evaporation, and excellent breathability.
Products based on these fibers contain an antibacterial agent based on silver ions. It prevents the growth of bacteria that contribute to the unpleasant smell of sweat. This fiber has excellent hydrophobic properties, thanks to which it dries very quickly and does not absorb unpleasant odors.
New socks and other elements of equestrian clothing by KONNY brand available soon.
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